Marketeer, entrepreneur and passionate about coaching and growth. Currently talking off with Page64 helping online news outlets

Keen to join Marketing/Growth meetups, interesting coffee conversations, Classes & Conferences, and the odd weekend mentoring rollercoaster when work allows.

And in previous lives…  Mostly Marketing, Growth and Data, which is pretty much what I do in Page64. For the outliers that do read long written copy (thanks for reading, btw)!  I started in Private and Investment Banking at BarclaysWealth, but not being my thing, moved to a little-niche Marketing Agency in north London called uniquedigital with cool brands like Avis, Sky-TV, Deutsche Bank, etc… And after 4 years moved, to the startup scene with projects like Basekit and DucksBoard. In 2016 started my first startup: isnotTV, we created a Distributed PaaS for Entertainment Content that reached more than 80 million hits/month being present in some of the most reputed media outlets across Europe (mostly Germany and Spain). Lately some freelance consultancy (whatever that means), and recently some Mentoring on the side, but less and less so, because Page64 is certainly quite enough…