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Tutoriales SEO (Español)

Una intro a SEO, pese a ser de 2011, los principios son aún básicos. Y de paso… un ejemplo de Inbound Marketing*


¿Por qué es un ejemplo de Inbound Marketing?

  • BaseKit es una herramienta para crear páginas web.
  • SEO es un tema relevante para nuestra audiencia objetivo (pymes que quieren tener una presencia online), pero
  • No “vendemos” Basekit, hablamos de un tema relevante para pymes, con Basekit como transfondo.
  • ¿Si fueses una pyme pensando en SEO y ves estos vídeos, usarías Basekit? Et voilá la clave ;p

Para otros ejemplos, echa un vistazo a Content Marketing

Forget Marketing… Really?

I hugely admire people who can package things in an attractive and compelling way. Sean Ellis’ Growth Hacking is an utterly remarkable example. Buzzword demagogic aside, it does provide a sense of purpose, and aligns entire companies around a very clear obsession, Growth. And that, is simply beautiful.

Few weeks ago, a potential investor interrupted my pitch when a slide entitled “Marketing Plan” came up:

“Forget Marketing, isnotTV needs a Growth Hacker”

I decided not to argue about names at the time, but just a quick note on that

  • Growth as a true north, definitely thumbs up, and chapeaux-bas to Sean Ellis for coining such powerful term. Just don’t get carried away by the cool buzzword
  • If you think Marketing is not about Growing sales, leads, etc… I guess you’ve never met a Marketeer (which is surprisingly common). There is an academic universe where people talk about things like awareness, voice share, PR management, etc… But in the real world — just FYI — Marketeers do report to their boards in terms of sales and results. It might not sounds that “cool”, but that’s live.

Geeky Failures & Marketing

Full disclosure, I am not a Geek, I can’t even code. I am just a Marketeer who likes numbers. But working on numbers, I did learn a couple of interesting things about Marketing

  • MumboJumbo SQL Optimisation (aka Amazing failed “product”): Cutting a long story short, any Biddable Media Campaign needs a lot of data management. Frustrated, I spent long nights on my own learning SQL and Access to create my amazing tool, and become the office’s data hero… But turns out no-one likes SQL and complex algorithms controlling their bids. So, no-one ever used it
  • The NoBox (aka Amazing vs. “Usable”): Few months later, the “NoBox” came up: A simplified and more transparent version that suggested bids, but left the final decision to the AMs (Account Managets). Arguably less powerful… but AMs loved it, and used it, which is not unimportant (and I was happy ;p
  • Profitability Profiling (aka Package it): As “new toys” came up, we pitched a stand-alone project for Avis. Super excited, I crafted the most thorough PowerPoint ever, and Wilhelm (my boss) simply said… “It needs a name, what about Profitability Profiling?”. I was selling Numbers & Algorithms, but he knew that’s not what they would buy. And he f***ing nailed it.

This whole adventure lasted a couple of years, and hopefully helps someone crafting a tool. And – sorry to blow the trumpets… – it did give uniquedigital a couple of awards, Best use of Data (Marketing Week Magazine) and a couple of Search Awards!

Ps — Thanks to uniquedigital for being uniquedigital.

Note: My Linkedin does read “Data Intelligence AD @ uniquedigital”, but all of the above happened as evening pet projects when I was Account Manager, not the Data Intelligence guy

SEO (& agriculture) are Dead

After all, both in SEO and in Agriculture, what used to work in the early days, is useless today

I can only guess that those who claim SEO is dead still Keyword Stuffing for SEO. Which is pretty much the same as plowing the earth with animals. Quick note to them

  • Don’t confuse the End with the Means: SEO is about optimising everything you do, in a way that potential clients find you.
  • If you think SEO is about cheating Google with old useless tricks. Sorry, you are dead, not SEO.
  • Stop throwing “attention grabbing headlines” and announcing the dead of everything, find something useful to write about.