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Forget Marketing… Really?

I hugely admire people who can package things in an attractive and compelling way. Sean Ellis’ Growth Hacking is an utterly remarkable example. Buzzword demagogic aside, it does provide a sense of purpose, and aligns entire companies around a very clear obsession, Growth. And that, is simply beautiful.

Few weeks ago, a potential investor interrupted my pitch when a slide entitled “Marketing Plan” came up:

“Forget Marketing, isnotTV needs a Growth Hacker”

I decided not to argue about names at the time, but just a quick note on that

  • Growth as a true north, definitely thumbs up, and chapeaux-bas to Sean Ellis for coining such powerful term. Just don’t get carried away by the cool buzzword
  • If you think Marketing is not about Growing sales, leads, etc… I guess you’ve never met a Marketeer (which is surprisingly common). There is an academic universe where people talk about things like awareness, voice share, PR management, etc… But in the real world — just FYI — Marketeers do report to their boards in terms of sales and results. It might not sounds that “cool”, but that’s live.